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Edit Napoli 2022

Edit Napoli 2022 Project 213A


Project 213A is very proud to have exhibited for the first time at Edit Napoli in 2022. Amongst many other new and established designers Project 213A had for the very first time the opportunity to showcase their designs and to meet and discuss the company and their values with other brands, designers and stockists.


Project 213A Edit Napoli Mirror Chair


Project 213A took this opportunity to exhibit existing pieces such as the mirror chair and and the Arc de Stools alongside well-known stoneware pieces, but also introduced a new version of Larry's Lounge Chair with a powder-coated metal frame and a bold pink Mohair upper.

Other new designs that had an exclusive launch during the fair included the red metal magazine rack in burgundy and the foot bench - a new member of the "foot" series. 


Project 213A Larrys Lounge Chair Edit Napoli

All designs will be available to order soon.