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The Making of the Mirror Lounge Chair

Project 213A Fantastic Mirror Research and Sketches

The Mirror Chair has been designed in 2020 by Project 213A and was the first furniture piece that launched in 2021.

We wanted to create a piece that plays with emotions and the expectations on what it means to take a seat and lounge into a chair.

The choice of using mirrored glass underlines the expectation that this piece might be too fragile to hold the weight of who ever dares to take a seat; the feeling of relief and and in most cases joy emerges once someone fully dares to lean into the chair's back rest.

Drawing inspiration from various artworks that deal with reflections we wanted to create a functional furniture item that become a decorative object absorbing and influencing its own environment.

The lounge chairs shaped is based on the brutalist movement from the 20th century - becoming a piece of contrast with is harsh lines but soft appearance as it seems to dissolve in the world around it.                               We are very proud that this piece has been selected amongst others in the 2021 Sight Unseen Year book and has been featured in various magazine such as AD France and Elle Decoration. View the piece here


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