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Mini Maria

140,00 € 14000 Regular price
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Mini Maria in Baby Blue

Designed by Project 213A in 2021

Handmade Stoneware


Meet the little sister of the Maria Vessel, still timeless but a little bit more playful. This mini vessel is finished with a contemporary textured matte glaze. The handmade process gives it a subtle and intimate uneven touch. Hallmarked with a discreet P 213 A embossed logo.


Colour : Baby Blue

Height : 20cm

Width : 18cm

Depth : 8cm

Volume : 0,8 L



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The classical antiquity period interlocked the ancient Greek and Rome civilizations, their influence on one another brought about era of history and culture. The Greeks strived for aesthetics with their sculptures portraying divine human form and pottery created with a sense of balance through symmetry and proportion, and elegantly painted. Whereas the Romans embraced function and utility alongside visual appeal, coating their vases in alkaline glaze to give the clay an extraordinary depth and richness. The Maria Vessel entertains the idea of sculpting a symmetrical vase with an intense and strong colour but amiss proportions and small opening to highlight the individual beauty.